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New Steering Inner Outer Track Tie Rod End For Tesla Model 3

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Product Name

New Steering Inner Outer Track Tie Rod End For Tesla Model 3

104483100F, 1044831-00-F, 104449600E, 1044496-00-E,

104445100F, 1044451-00-F, 104444100E, 1044441-00-E, 104443100G, 1044431-00-G, 104442700C, 1044427-00-C, 104442300G, 1044423-00-G, 

104435900A, 1044359-00-A, 104435100C, 1044351-00-C, 104434100C, 1044341-00-C, 104434100D, 1044341-00-D,

1044326-00-E, 1044326-00-G, 1044326-00-F, 104432600E, 104432600G, 104432600F, 104431100E, 1044311-00-E, 104431600E, 1044316-00-E, 104412300A, 1044123-00-A, 104412100E, 1044121-00-E , 1021420-00-B, 1043964-00-C, 6006840-00-B, 1027421-00-E, 1027426-00-A, 102142000B, 104396400C, 600684000B, 102742100E, 102742600A,

6007071-00-A, 6007071-00-B, 600707100A, 600707100B, 8500 81101, 850081101, 850081504, 8500 81504, 8500 81503, 850081503, 8500 81500, 850081500, 850081506, 8500 81506, 850081505, 8500 81505, 850081101, 8500 81101, 850017205, 8500 17205, 850081606, 8500 81606, 850081605, 8500 81605, 850081600, 8500 81600, 850081603, 8500 81603, 853081101, 8530 81101, 853081201, 8530 81201,

8500 81500, 1027351-00-C, 1048951-00-A, 1048951-00-B, 6007997-00-D, 850081500, 102735100C, 104895100A, 104895100B, 600799700D, 8500 81504, 1041570-00-A, 1041570-00-B, 6007998-00-C, 8500 81503, 1041575-00-A, 1041575-00-B, 6006664-00-C, 850081504, 104157000A, 104157000B, 600799800C, 850081503, 104157500A, 104157500B, 600666400C, 8500 81506, 6006532-00-A, 6006532-00-B, 8500 81505,  6008930-00-A, 6008930-00-B, 850081506, 600653200A, 600653200B, 850081505,  600893000A, 600893000B  104432600F, 1044321-00-F, 1044321-00-E, 1044321-00-F, 104432100F, 104432100E, 104432100F, 1044321-00-G, 1044326-00-F, 1044351-00-C, 1044396-00-C, 1044391-00-C, 1044391-00-D, 1044371-00-D, 6008390-00-A, 6006532-00-A, 6008930-00-A,  6008390-00-A, 1021416-00-A, 6006774-00-B, 1027351-00-C, 1027351-00-B, 6007998-00-C,6007998 6007998-01-B, 6007997-00-B, 6007998-00-A, 6007997-00-D, 1021418-00-A, 1021418-00-B, 1021418-00-C, 1021418-00-D, 6006664-00-A,  1041575-00-A, 1048951-00-A, 1041570-00-A, 6006774-00-B,6006840-00-B, 1043964-00-B, 6006719-00-B, 6006774-00-B, 1021418-00-B, 1021422-00-B,  6006895-00-A, 1043963-00-C, 1043964-00-C, 1052783-00-C, 1043996-00-A, 6007084-00-D, 1031049-S0-E, 1034558-S0-E, 1027121-00-A, 6007040-00-A, 1027451-00-D, 1027841-00-B, 1055366-00-H, 1072964-00-A, P1072847-00-A, 1027441-00-A, 1027421-00-C, 1027170-00-A, 104432100G, 104432600F, 104435100C, 104439600C, 104439100C, 104439100D, 104437100D, 600839000A, 600653200A, 600893000A,  600839000A, 102141600A, 600677400B, 102735100C, 102735100B, 600799800C, 6007998 600799801B, 600799700B, 600799800A, 600799700D, 102141800A, 102141800B, 102141800C, 102141800D, 600666400A,  104157500A, 104895100A, 104157000A, 600677400B,600684000B, 104396400B, 600671900B, 600677400B, 102141800B, 102142200B,  600689500A, 104396300C, 104396400C, 105278300C, 104399600A, 600708400D, 1031049S0E, 1034558S0E, 102712100A, 600704000A, 102745100D, 102784100B, 105536600H, 107296400A, P107284700A, 102744100A, 102742100C, 102717000A, 1041570-00-A, 1041570-00-B, 6007998-00-C , 104157000A, 104157000B, 600799800C

Oem Code 2

Application Detail Years  Car model: 

Tesla Model 3 2018/06-2019/12 5YJ3 EV AWD 258 KW, 351 PS

Tesla Model S 2016/10-2020/12 5YJS P100D AWD 450 KW, 612 PS

Tesla Model X 2016/06-2020/12 -- 60D AWD 386 KW, 525 PS

Payment Term
30% TT Pay in Advance, Balance Pay Against B/L Copy, L/C  
Delivery Time
60 Days
Trading Term
Package Neutral Package or with Your Logo package

Company Information:

Bengbu SMK Auto Parts Co.,Ltd produce car bearings and suspension parts for Volkswagen Audi Benz Ford Fiat Opel Vauxhall Chevrolet Nissan Renault Toyota Mitsubishi Suzuki Peugeot Citroen Hyundai Kia Land Rover Porsche Lexus Car Replace Parts. Land Rover Range Rover D6 SPORT FREELANDER DISCOVERY B6 DEFFENDER A1  DEFFENDER A2 Tesla Model 3 S X Y Chassis Steering Suspension Parts, Ball Joint, Control Arm, Tie Rod End, Axial Rod, Stabilizer Link Factory

Company Location:

2 hours 10 minutes from Shanghai by train;
42 minutes from Nanjing by train;
3 hours from Ningbo by train.


# Instant Message: Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat:+8613855273205 
# Advantage: We have our own production base with competitive cost. 
# Successful cases: China Suppliers Manufacturer of Suspension Parts and Wheel Bearing.
# Agent as China Purchase Office of auto parts Importer.

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